Seriously though, what are dungeons without dragons?

+1 still hopping to see dragons as pets

You know, a dragon would actually be a great pet for a crystal focused pet. His ability could be something like the dog, picks up nearby crystals and occasionally finds a common crystal.

Mythical pet (Zodiac)

Rat [Wisdom]: rat will destroy nearby crate and increase drop rarity from crate.

Ox [Attack] :When player freezed, ox will go nut stomping ground create smurf earthshatter dealing 50% original damage and pushing enemy backward.
Tiger [Attack]: when player receive damage equal to 30% max hp. tiger will cast roar, cause enemy fear.
Rabbit [Wisdom]: increase MS&CS drop rate.
Dragon [Attack]: increase extra attack change and multi attack cap by 2. EAC & MA damage increased by 50%.
Snake [Defense]: upon heal from Resources orb (Red&Blue) increase Dodge by 25%.
Horse [Buffer]: For each continues 5 primary attack. increase 30 M.Speed.
Goat [Wisdom] increase drop rarity rate by 50%
Monkey [Buffer] Increase attack speed beyond cap by 20% when attack cause bleed for 5 sec.
Rooster [Wisdom]increase drop quantity by 100%
Dog [Wisdom] Collect gold, increase gold collected by dog by 25%.
Pig [Wisdom]:When complete feat. increase heroic point recieved by 30%.