Dropped a seven deadly eternal

What a pile of rubbish. A stupid set

I have found 4 parts of the set so far, and there is a part of me that wants to try it out just to see what it is like. Merlin will be the hardest part of the set to find, but that is part of the fun of DQ, farming.

I use this set for ascending only. Throw quests in all the pieces. I think I’ve dropped 4 of the eternal pieces but I only use the eternal Amulet.

Set just for fun, it’s overall less strong than any overrated set.

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Its got to be done. A stupid seven deadly sins build for my 6th character

Yes. Seven deadly sins anime is fun as I’ve seen that. Seen some fun seven deadly sins exp build which was okay.

I’m going to have to craft the legend set

I have those six eternal items crafted (not.including pet). Ive been using that set mainly for getting gold (190-200 floor). A quick 5-7 mil gold in single chal map is not that bad :smirk:.