Dungeon visual glitches and suggestions

there is a mistake in this thread title. it should be dungeon quest … !

after playing this new patch for an hour (using rogue), I found several noticeable glitches:

  • [solved] flintlock does no damage at all. not even a scratch. it is richocheting indeed, but no damage output shown on my screen nor the enemy health bar decreasing.
    (i simply restart my phone)

  • when I face a magic slime and I blink-strike it, it halfly sinks underground. it rotates 90° vertically (consider the slime as a half ball shape, it becomes a quarter of ball) , leaving it stuck and become easily harrased by my cute rogue. lol.

  • my dq logo is still a warrior? i use smart launcher, and when I hold the icon (the icon become bigger for categorizing and all), the large logo turns out to a green rogue logo, why? i guess it has something to do with my launcher.

and here are some suggestions for the next patch:

  • u guys already put a large ‘activate’ button on the screen (for shrine, rejuvenation well and portal), yet u still bind it with the attack button?
    (it’s unnecessarily annoying). i thought the button was meant to be a solution for attacking enemy close to the rejuvenation well, shrine and portal without having it activated just yet. imagine u’re having a huge fight with mobs, and wanna go a lil bit closer to the rejuvenation well to use it when ur health is low, and poof, u click it when ur health is 100%, naah forget it.
    or having a legend item on the floor yet the mobs still there attacking u (both near the portal), u decide to attack 'em but, poof, u go to next floor.
    I humbly ask the dev to fix this.
  • make an indicator or visual fx for coated weapon, so that we know that it is coated already (it’s trivial tho).


thanks for dev-ing us this great game.
u devs rock!

p.s.: I’ll edit this thread once I find another glitch. I hope I will find none.

That’s peculiar, they seem to work fine for us. If you get the chance, let me know when you’ve last uploaded your account to the server, and I’ll check out your character ( assuming you still have that gun ).

Haha, we’ll look into this!

I can see this, however the button appearing on screen should be a good indicator of the range that you’ll activate the shrine. We figured there would be more cases where this would be convenient rather than a botched shrine use, but we could be wrong :smile:

There should be a confirm dialog box before taking you to the next level, so you won’t accidentally proceed to the next floor. Is that not working?

We agree, we wanted to get an effect in for this but ran out of time.

Thank you for the bug reports/feedback :smile:

yes, indeed steiger, I’m sorry for being an ignorance. but still, I suggest we should remove the function of attack button activating one of those above.

apparently the battery drain is also increasing remarkably. I’ve been playing this game on the same device for a long time, yet this draining is somehow undesirable.

Add a toggle to options to, if turned on, let the primary attack button activate shrines and gates.

Default to off, and add a splash screen tip about it.

Everybody wins :smile:

my phone gets so hott from me playing on it i could cook a egg off that beast :smile:

As far as the heat goes…do you have a very thin phone, like a Samsung Galaxy S5? If so some people have stated that turning down their screen brightness helps this quite a bit. Also, 85% of our game is 3d assets (monsters, players, items in the world, etc) and that typically will be processing work performed by a GPU (if you phone has one). This will account for a bit of heat as well.

new bug on Iceburn set:

  • Iceburn deals no elemental damage, eventho my gears are fully ice-elemental base.
    please fix