Dungeon Quest 2!

Hi! Any updates or no updates? :frowning: I’m still waiting for DQ2 for a year now… please devz give some information. :slight_smile:


we all are waiting so badly, could you just release it, it don’t have to be perfekt :smiley:

i dunno. i think there’s no DQ2. if they have a plan to release it. they will give us a hint. a preview. or at least a screenshot. right? no updates. no nothing.


if I remember correctly, they started off working on the Platform testing for different devices, and then a few things after that. more recently, I think it was mentioned that they are now working on content and graphics, and making sure the game has more fun in it than bugs.

I figure the reason it’s taking longer for DQ 2 to come out compared to DQ is that DQ is mostly an offline game, except for Battle Arena, and that DQ 2 is going to be an online multi-player(?) across different devices.

@kiane_zaine great meme!

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I remember playing Diablo 2 awaiting patch 1.09. It took years and years. But when it came the game exploded.

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@tdaniel or any other @devs, do you wanna say something to that

@Mr_Scooty is testing DQ2

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He is also testing updates for this game. So it’s going to take ages.