Dungeon Quest Help PDF

Found here: Dungeon Quest Help

Sorry for the typical newbie question, but as far as stat points go, does mana increase wizard damage or is it controled by power?
:unamused: (because That’s what I will be doing later for asking such a silly question)

No worries, feel free to ask anything!

For wizard, mana increases their mana pool, and mana regen. Power just increases the total damage they do. It should be 1 point = 5 damage.

Thanks. I’m really enjoying this game. I’m picky about RPGs on a phone and this is one of the few I like. BTW the PDF is missing a photo that is probably helpful.

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Which image is missing on the pdf?

Also, we have a little website for help http://www.shinyboxgames.com/wiki/howtoplay.html. Needs some love but we plan on trying to keep it updated at the very least with patch notes.