Dungeon Quest, I’m back ! (2)


Hey yooooo guys !
Back to the forum ! All I can see on the forum is everyone talking about DQ2 ! I know that about a year ago, staff said they were working on something and they would share it to us ? Have they already shared it to us ? Also, do we have any release date for DQ 2 ?
And finally, which builds are currently being used in arena ? Any examples etc ? - I thought I’d prepare before getting back into arena seriously ? Currently eternal division 5 but I feel like my builds probably are out of date … plus it seems some updates affected some of my items’ skills (MH - OH : 2nd skills all changed back to the items’ original skills, is that normal ?)


Be patient. Excellence takes time and I have a gut feeling about this one


Welcome back!
I dont know MH/OH skills thing,seems you left DQ for long.And arena becomes very unfriendly nowadays,you will strongly feel it when you reach div 3 or 2 :grin:


Still working on it :slight_smile:

Welcome back!


Welcome back! long time no see, have fun!


They are not unfriendly, they just get good at the game, or at least this corrent meta…


Welcome back @TWCheese :grinning: