Dungeon quest

Can u all update ur game so we can chat an add ppl so u can fight ur frîèñds who have all that big talk about there build is better an stronger

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DQ was made to be Single Player, with an option for multi-player later on when Battle Arena was added. at the moment, Team Dev’s are working on DQ 2, and those ideas might be part of the new game. do a Search on DQ 2 or Dungeon Quest 2 to see what has been posted on the subject and what information has been posted so far.

There is no best build.Its chasing rainbows. Its an online chess match. Everyone finds sneaky ways of defeating powerful builds and someone else comes and destroys it and then the destroyer gets destroyed and the cycle is repeated . Its how you actually play the game that makes the difference. Which means you have to think about every button you press, how close or distant you are from the enemy and most importantly which skill am i going to use the most in a particular match against a certain opponent game style. All the time keep on activating your pet and trophy icons


I agree with you

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