Dying too often, could this be thorns?

So I’m chugging along at 1400m3 and normally I only die from TNT, or sky fall (1-3 other times from mobs hitting me when I’m being lazy and racing to the carto). I changed my weapon out and doubled my damage and now I am dying way too often and not from TNT or sky fall. Could this be from thorns and I am now doing too much damage per hit? I only have 2835 hp and one 250 hp per hit to offset thorns. This was fine until now. My damage per second is only about 25m but I am running crushing blow so some hits could be massive but I’m dying to regular mobs too and I don’t think they have that much hp try on this floor. I would hate to have to go back to my old weapon…

No one dies from thorns…
Maybe you got one shotted by regular mobs

Alwayd happens to me, at floor 730 :joy:

I’m sure I die from getting one shouted a lot but I’m trying to figure out the drastic uptick in deaths after changing one piece of gear (replacing an eternal hand of epiphany with an eternal berserker cleaver).

So can you not die from thorns? Does it only take you to 1hp? Because if this is the case I can remove the hp on hit affix since the differenc between 2k hp and 1 hp is negligible on the floors I’m playing atm.

Ok I did a test run and ran around carefully and it looks like the increase in dps wasn’t a culprit for my death increase. Perhaps the 2 floor sample size was too little to jump to any conclusions.

You should be focusing more on dodge/block as survival and getting out of the way of enemies in general. Also CCs such as stun or Frozen to encase enemies in ice or slow them down completely for survival and DMG dealing. Hence why Frozen is so good.

Yeah HP doesn’t matter at high floors since the enemies can one hit you anyways and even if not, the thorns will hurt unless you rapidly Regen by HP on Hit or HP Regen.

High damage that can kill them fast or crushing blow (with crushing flames if fire attacks) also speeds up clearing floors and sometimes survival.

Flintlock especially since you can shoot from Afar . Stealth skill to dodge all attacks for 1-3 seconds (more second by hero points) and sometimes smoke bombs to dodge a fatal attack and a rapid amount can make you almost invulnerable unless you miss timing.

May be the lost of Epiphany Set lower your Dodge % or Block % :wink: