Easy or Mythic 3 for farming items at level 500 ish>

I’ve played M3 since I was able to but just started to wonder what would the difference in loot be at lets say level 500 or higher. Should I stick with M3 or switch to Easy and get higher faster?

if farming with proper farming build then u can play on easier deficulty. if u dont have proper farming build and need extra buff luck gold find then play at m3. buy map floor 350 and make sure u have backup map. play until reach floor 550. then start again from 350 map. just play around that floor until u ready for hiking.

is there really any difference in running a 350-550 run vs. 5x 350-400 run 5x from a loot/crystal/gold perspective?

well higher floor give better lvl item, probably u got eternal item. so just to be sure u want eternal item lvl is 100. lol

Playing on Floor 500+ will guarantee any item to be Level 100. Especially handy for Eternal Items.