Effective VS Ignore Resist

What is stronger in PVE for high lvl farming, the Mystic Effective or the Legend Affix Ignore Resist? In my understanding Effective would be, or are there some Problems with resisting mobs?

Effective changes the element to the mobs usual weakness but if a mob is immune to that its useless

True, but Immune maps i can change with crystal or buy a new one. So Effective is the stronger ignore resist and doing more dmg? Does it change the Weapon element and elemental critical too, or just the dmg calculating to Effective?

Just damage calculated :smile:

sounds good, thanks for your help

Glad I could be! :smile:

That’s what I do with my arcane/effective Wiz, reroll map immunity :+1:

What do you recommend me for floors 600+ Effecive or Ignore resist? How much more is the dmg from an Effective Attack, havent found the answer in the Codex.

I would suggest ignore resist and an effective attack gives +25% damage :smile:

Your are the best Griffin and so fast in replys :slight_smile:

Finally found my first Epiphany Ring, so i can start to craft my Farming Rogue

Awwww thank you :green_heart: and aaaaawesome farming builds=most important builds :3