El uno con el gran caballo de fuerza

Who wants a 1M HP ? :dancer:

i have 50m hp :smiley:

Mooded :smiley:

explore more on DQ buds ^^ there player here have more hp than mine, its not moded it called advance build ^^

I think so :wink:

My poor wizard have 1 HP, T,T

even this @cronos4321 can make build with 100m hp hahaha

If only high HP can help tank on high floor. Lol.

how this?

10K HP, 25%HP, Battle mage, Vampiric Touch, Plauge, Faunt :wink:

(5)Vampiric Touch w/ +41%hp (5)Fauntโ€™s Gifts w/ 225%Luck (5)Plauged +50.8%hp :smiley:

yeah haha but too high hp really useless XD

I notice a 200% hp cap on stat page