Electric build help (PVE)


What set affixes goes well with electrocution? Also what wep,talents,class,skills. Red affixes blue affix shud i choose? I can burn xtals and experiment. Ive done few experiment but nahhh. Any suggestions boiss?


Demonic and execute damage


alsp double mitigate


2x execute dmg? How abt after shock?


Up to you… What do u mean by after shock?


Shock effect i mean.


Its ok i guess i haven’t really tried it out.


Arcanist,ascendent,electrocution,electrified,momentum,adventrer? Haha


Yea. Ive neer seen good shock build. Theres few i guess. But i hvnt tried.


With the right affixes that’ll be a very op build. You can definitely co bine those sets


Electrified isn’t really good on boosting shock. It does help in paralyzing though.


Do you have any other idea whicc alternative set affixes shud i try to combine?


No don’t use double mitigate as that’s a damage reduction affix and it’s too small for any benefit in PvP and PvE.

Instead use double strike.


No that’s alright tbh. Then just equip 300% high voltage or more and you’re good to go.


Ohw hahah i thought they’re the same. Thank you for tge clarification


Tried ths instead. Not bad. Not good also


Why did you have Epiphany. You don’t need epiphany set for bonus.

Edit: Oh nvm, a farm build it is.