ELECTROCUTION bonus effect

Hi guys newbie here.
How can I activate the electrocution effect, I try it on max WEAKEN but not activated. Is it bugged or something?


I think thats elemental critical instead of weaken.

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if you are talking about the Electrocution Set Bonus (+1 Shock Stack with +40% Weaken or more), that just means that +40% Weaken or more gives you a max of +5 Shock Stacks instead of 4. this means that it takes 5 hits to a target to apply all 5 Shock Stacks for +62.5% Dmg. Shock Stack fade 4 or 5 seconds after they are applied, so if you stop attacking, or have a very slow attack, they fade away and you don’t get the full Dmg bonus.

if you have the +40% Weaken or more, and the Bonus isn’t activated, then it might be a bug, and you should post it in the Support & Bug Thread. otherwise, it might take longer for a Dev to notice that you might have a bug.


Not sure thats worth it vs the +1 Shock effect legend affix but I see. So 3% just makes it into 5 instead of some % or decimal number like 4.06 attacks, which is of course not possible. Though if I can’t find one, then that’s good to know. A single weaken slot.

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I remember some of your older Posts on the subject, of a Main & Hireling, both with Shock, getting 8 Shock Stack for +100% Dmg. I have always wondered if the Main & Hireling use all the Legend +1 Shock Max’s possible to be found on Items and both with the Electrocution Set Bonus, if you could get a Shock Stack of 18? I believe that would give a +225% Dmg. that would take up 6 spaces minimum on each Character. and if you have +120% Weaken (7 spaces minimum each), would multiply Dmg by 7.15, if I did the math right (before Elemental resistances are figured into the equation).

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