Does it work even there’s no shock effect stack?

No, if you deal +50% damage per stack, and you have 0 stacks, then you deal:
+50% * 0 = +0% extra damage


So in short Mr. TeaCup that equipping an Electrocution sets without a shock effect stack is useless?

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I’m currently crafting my build and can I ask once again? I was planning to make a 3 separated sets of elements, mainly Fire (Crushing Flames) Shock (Electrocution) and Frozen (ice) and I can’t insert the Frozen one because of my MH is CF and my OH is Electrocution. Now. If I change my OH element of ice for my Frozen sets, does it trigger the Electrocution effect itself?

To create and electrocution without +1 affixe, you must use an electric OH. But your Frozen will be useless. Or you can try a three elemental build and play with elemental pet + ascendant or talent which change your element. But if your spell cast is poison… :s

For my part, i think MH électrocution, et OH cruching with warrior are extremely usefull because you Can use Horn to run, and storm on MH. Cumulate Demonic, electro, mercenary.
You Can use the eternal chakram electrocution and convert it to sword. And add storm proc and other stuff.
On OH, you Can use taunt but explosive affixe is awesome with crushing flame because it creates lot of explosions when monster are grouped.

The advantage is that you can kill high level in solo even if there are no ennemy near the boss. With Frozen build or poison build, you can’t upgrade your damage against only one Big enemy. :slight_smile:


It is not perfect but just an Idea

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But I have a “3% shock effect max” from my amulet, so can I change the element of my OH from shock to ice?

I think, if you dont have any electric weapon, you cant create electric stack.

So you must make a choice to play bi element Fire / Frozen or Fire / electro


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You could give your hireling shock element and use the shock effect stacks that it creates for your electrocution set?


Oh? Is it possible to work? If in that case then I’ll try it hehe

@CuzegSpiked had a Build with both Main & Hireling having Shock. he said monsters attacked by both ended up with 8 stacks of Shock for +100% debuff damage.

I guess you could test with with one Character in Test Arena, then with Main & Hireling, to see if there is more damage from extra Shock debuff being stacked from 2 Characters versus only one.


I have my problem Mr. Golem, I completely uploaded the video but it’s error as it said. What can I do?

don’t know. I don’t really know much about technical stuff.

anyone out there know how to help Kaiserrobert@?