Elem Crit or Coat

Hi i just wanna hear some suggestions. Which one is better for pvp? Im using Bow and Empyream amulet.

Elemental Crit?

Use a vial as your offhand weapon which has coatweapon and stealth as skills. It will save you a lot of slots for other affixes. Once you have that, dont get elem critical and crit chance anymore

Coat is much, much better. 100% chance > 5% chance. Basic.

Coat, and everything else with 100% chance activation, makes PVP lopsided. That’s one way to make OP builds.

@algara and just in case you dont know. coatweapon doesnt have cooldown. so that means every attack will crit and elem crit ^^ dont get coat proc if you’re a rogue

If I use a rogue hireling, will it utilize Coat while attacking? Like, can I set the AI to “use as much as possible” or something?


Thanks. The only problem is now I’m rethinking my OH (Insolence trap) and wondering if I should change it to a vial. I just looked through legend vials/totems/tomes as base items and they all pretty much suck. Coat alone can’t make a vial OH worth it, can it?

Unless if it is a toxon…

What i meant is Coat Proc sorry. Since im bow I need the Bomb to maintain my distance against Hammer Warrior and keep kiting them with immolate and bleeds.

If so, then coat proc will end up slightly worse than ele crit. 5% coat proc isn’t much, and 6% ele crit isn’t much either. But if you do happen to proc coat, there’s a sure critical coming as well, so…

Ah, I didn’t even know that item existed. Toxon is not on the DQ Wiki. I had to search here to find something on it (eternal pic on a stealth proc thread). Thanks for clueing me onto it.

I guess if I ever find one, I’ll replace my Insolence trap that has 100% poison dmg. Coat would be a bit better.

EDIT: Just found out that Toxon appears to be an Arena reward, not a looted drop in PVE. Bummer.

Coat Proc’s maximum is 5%?

One proc is roughly equal to 5 percent max per affix in the arena.

Coat proc is 9% max per slot and coat is deadly af. Just 15% coat is more than enough for me to wreck opponent in eternal league easily. Because 9% coat proc +2 master mythstones

9+3+3=15% coat proc chance.

I think the best oh item is either horn for torrent or orb for that shatter and teleport. Just my opinion though and horn isn’t used in arena anyways but that is my idea of best OH to use. Sprint also is why horn is so good but that is for a different purpose.

Ohhh you’re talking about arena. I thought that 5% you mentioned is for PvE. Glad that it was for arena lol

No, 5% is the minimum coat proc but 9% is the maximum roll for coat proc!

Remember that!