How do I get green elements? .example: guardian, cosmic power, defiant

amethyst, defiant cannot be roll by amethyst is can only be loot

Ok thanks … Greetings from Argentina:D

The green set affixes can be got by Amethyst or legends.

The sets that can be got by Amethyst are: Plagued, Cosmic power, Reactor, Frozen, Pathfinder, Demonic, Angelic, Momentum, Rage, Terrashaper, Ballista, Equality, Vampiric Touch, Inferno, Permafrost, Druidic, Electrified, Trickster, Living Force, Blood Magic, Arcanist, Ascendant, Periphery, Ninja, Scoundrel, Battle mage, Spell Sword, Aftermath,Identity , summoners ,spirit master, Iceburn, Buccaneers, Overload, Deadly Arts, Fauns Gift, Adventurer, Aethereal Drain, Deadly Arts, Satyrs Spirit and Zealotry.

Sets that cannot be obtained from Amethyst and can only be obtained by specific legend: Defiant, Malestrom , Mayhem, Cerebral Vortex, Seven Deadly Sins, Masochism, Nadroji, Elements, Haunting, Smoke Screen, Berserker , Eternalized, Crystalline, Mythical , Epiphany, Hunger and Gladiator.


In which floor do ice fall? I’m on 420 and I do not fall any .-.

ice fall?, ice map

Could this be added under guides as I have found it useful when crafting pieces for builds.

There was a guide that explained this called Rubik’s crystallography actually but sure. I think it does still get updated though. It pretty much explained which sets are possible and which aren’t and what class they’re from.