Elemental Crit

Ok I don’t understand how Toxic/etc works. I understand that there is a 40% Elemental Crit chance cap but my current Toxic Chance of 3.8% does not show up in my stats page. What is going on?

Edit: I found the Toxic% chance on my Attack Stats but it doesn’t show up in the All Stats page.

If you have toxic affix not on your main hand or off hand make sure your main hand and off hand are both posion type. So that it can proc. Toxic proc is the poison cloud, very easy to see.

Not what I was wondering. There is a stat under the All Stat page that says Elemental Crit Chance. It claims that there is a 40% cap on it. However, I have roughly 10% Paralyze chance right now and that Elemental Crit Chance stat does not show up there. I am wondering if there is a difference between Paralyze/etc and Elemental Crit Chance.

There is no difference between them. And i don’t think that adding for example paralyze or toxic will increase that elemental critical chance becouse there is an affix to increase all elements critical chance.

So Paralyze/etc has a 40% cap?

Don’t know if there is a cap becouse you can have eternals with 60% elemental critical and in the stats it show 60%. Don’t know what’s the cap but i think it’s not 40.

What you can do is combine elemental crit+nova OH mythic and coat if you want to maximize elemental crits. I personally just use nova and elemental crit but occasionally have coat in there as well depending on my affix layout.

Then what does the Elemental Crit Chance All Stat mean? Is it just that I am getting old outdated info from the wikia?

The elemental crit all chance will basically just give you an elemental crit chance for any element. Nova mythic on OH is a guaranteed elemental crit and coat proc will cause your next attack to elemental crit. My suggestion is just providing many ways for elemental crits to occur.

Thank you all for helping me work this out.

Does blight works without elem crit?

This one I know and it is no

Blight increase posion elemental critical damage (poison cloud). If you want poison clouds to appear without elemental critical or toxin affixes you need nova mythic or coat proc.

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There is a difference. They use different Affixes.

No it does not.

All Ele Crit partains to the Legendary Affix or the Wizard Talent that affects all elements. You will probably never see this being used in its current state.

To use Blight, you need either Blight (Epic Elemental Crit on a Poison equip), Legend Elemental Crit on any equipment, or a skill that has a chance to Elemental Crit.

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Is elemental crit an affix by itself? looking to do an elem crit ice build with my 2 warriors

Epic Elemental Crit is specific to a certain Element, like Toxic is the Elemental Crit for Poison. so if you have Poison MH and Ice OH, only the MH will get the Elemental Crit. I believe this is +15% for each affix.

Legend Elemental Crit would cause Toxic for your MH AND Freeze for your OH using the scenario above. this is +30% for each affix.

if you had 1 of each for the scenario above, you would have +45% chance to cause Toxic Cloud and 30% chance to Freeze enemies.

most players are ok with 30% Elemental Crit, and I have had up to 80%, so if your build hits a lot, then 30% should be ok, and if you don’t hit a lot, then 40% to 60% might be better to make sure you get the Elemental Crit.


So @Golem i could say remove an epic freeze affix and use legend frostbiting instead on OH ?

Elemental Crit Damage: Frostbiting for example, requires a target to be affected by Elemental Crit, Freeze for example. if that Epic Ice EC is the only thing you have causing EC, Frostbiting is wasting space. if you already have a Legend Elemental Crit, then sure, get rid of the Epic one.

there are other ways to get EC, with Talents and Skills, so you can save space on items by not using the EC affixes, but that limits your build in other ways, depending on the Talent or Skill you are using. yes, Nova Mythic is 100% EC, but I will consider that a Skill for this post.

Elemental Crit Damage: High Voltage (Shock + Paralyze), Blistering (Fire + Immolate), Frostbiting (Ice + Freeze), Celestial (Arcane + Orbit), Blight (Poison + Toxic).

Elemental Crit: Paralyze (Shock), Immolate (Fire), Freeze (Ice), Orbit (Arcane), Toxic (Poison).

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Ahhh so its better to have say frostbiting as opposed to one epic 15% freeze

Frostbiting only works on targets affected by Freeze. if you have ZERO Elemental Crit of any kind, and 6x Frostbiting +600% DMG on your equipment, that is the same as having Brutal Mythic on your Chest Item and NO Deadly Strike from any source. Useless. unless you have a Talent or Skill to cause Elemental Crit. Storm has .5% Elemental Crit Chance per Rank, for example.

umm, it would be like having Minion affixes on all your gears, but no Fury, Apocalypse, Command, or Summons to use them.

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