Elemental Crit

I get it now

Elemental Crit Damage has another difference. it is Element Specific! with Prismatic, if you had Poison, Toxic, and Blight on your MH, any element the attacks are changed to with Prismatic, will still have a chance to Elemental Crit for their respective elements, but Blight doesn’t change, it only affects targets affected by Toxic. so if you wanted a build that had Toxic, Frostbiting, and Blistering on the Poison example, if you also had +100% Poison ED with the other Poison affixes on the MH, you would have Frostbiting and Blistering on other items with the same Element. but they couldn’t have +100% Fire ED and Ice ED on those items, because the MH is Poison. a build like this wouldn’t use Epic EC, but the Legend version, or Talents or Skills that cause EC.

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