Elemental swirl build 2.3

Gooday guys Greetings
in this build we focus on using torrentproc w/ arcanist + ascendant combo
in this build we use chakram since it give higher chance proc to proc skills compare to other mh wep. we also make use of vortex bonus affix (150% torrentdmg).

Overall pretty solid build. really fun good aoe dmg. decent dps able to clear packsize map easily. effective and tested in 1678m3. as you can see image below almost every bommerang proc torrent dpsing crowd of mobs. versatile can kill any foe does not rely on elemcrit.

Nature : of element6x
MH special skill : any(dpends on what u)
OH special skill : Stealth( mandatory lvl30+)
Set affixes :
Arcanist - dmg boost on mobs upon crit
Ascendant - additional reduce resist upon using arcane also has prismatic buff
moment and adventurer - great combi dmg
Cerebral vortex-i just use this cuz of its great epic affixes(eternal amulet)
rage - might as well inc our cdmg

Crystal affixes : Weaken90%(uneed this cuz in this build we dont use ignore resist affix cuz weaken wont work w/ it)
45% resource cost -to activate vortex bonus
45% CDR - for fast cd stealth ( survival)
45% Crit - u need this in Arcanist set effect whic rely on crit atks
30% crushing blow- mandatory specially on floor hiking above 1k+ floor j ur life easier

Epic affixes : weaken 30%2x (if u add ur 90% weaken crystal affix u will now have 150% weaken now mobs will have reduce resist against you + 62% reduce resist from Ascendant set they will be defenseless against you)
5000 wd - on OH wep to inc torrent dmg
+20 TORRENT-(+5 all skills 2x = lvl30 torrent)since our main dps here in torrent lets maximize torrents dmg as much.
75% Cdmg2x - w/ rage affix ul reach 220+
9600arcane dmg

Legend Affixes : 25% torrent proc 2x ( mandatory in this build ) - 50% is enough to proc torrent all the time.
glasscannon 50%2x
15%ms 2x
85% pushlimit x 1
100%ED x2

Mythic : effective ring (works well w/ weaken)
Energy Chakram - great dmg boost works well w/ pushlimit since energy bonus dmg now is base on ur losing enerygy%.

for talent - celerity, stagger or relentless, blindside(dont use propulsion u will push away mobs from torrent will destroy ur positioning), deadeye
hero points - lvl 20 stealth + 10 allskill (myth) = lvl30stealth ( almost perma)
Bommerang - lvl20+10 = 30 for faster movement of chakram
evasion - lvl 20

feel free to revise it base in ur preference
gameplay : just spam bommerang and always watch on stealth cd (torrent will just swarm on ur screen)


Arcanist can be gained by amethyst right?

@Onaneehsyu yup

Will try this build. Since arcane is like powered up by the two new affixes.

What weapon did you use?

chakram cuz it has high chance activating proc affixes

I do know its a chakram but what specific chakram(if it’s a legend chakram)

It looks like a custom crafted one that can be from scratch or from loot with an already wanted affix.

You can use any legend chakram since all affixes on it can by applied via crystals

@Onaneehsyu i suggest u use ragnarok chakram cuz it has defiant affix (if u dont use
eternal amulet w/ cerebral vortex) then u can add defiant affix. then put momentum on amulet

i also think this build would greatly improve w/ taunt proc affix so u can vacuum all enemy in torrent area ( taunt also has high dps)