Elements Set Affix

What does it? I couldn’t find completely information about it.Can Anyone explain it with formulas?

Work like prismatyc wizard talent,

7.5% chance to trigger the same spell for free with a different Element. increases all individual resists by 7.5%. so if you have Elements (5), you would have a 37.5% chance to trigger the same spell with a different Element, and each of your individual resists are increased 37.5%. on average, out of every 8 spells cast, 3 of them will be cast again with a different Element, for free.
Prismatic gives a chance to change the attacks Element, where as the Element Set is giving a chance to give a free extra attack with a different Element than the original attack.


Indeed. That resist effect could be an interesting idea for PvP but of course I never seen any PvP build use it, well maybe a few, then the elemental attacks.

Neat idea: Elements+ Mirrorcast+specialist+ clearcast, etc , makes crazy attacks.
Griffin video

There was another one also with meteors and procs constantly raining down for many seconds. There are many possibilities with its 37.5% chance to trigger same spell with different element.


I remember thinking of making a build with procs and Elements-Mirrorcast-Clearcast-Specialist-MA-EAC for a ton of firepower raining down on my enemies. this wouldn’t work well with some Skills, but great for others.

Edit: great video, wish it had shown how other Skills would have looked.

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