Elixer runes

Hi I used two Elixer runes on my warrior to add + 2 to my sets on my ring and necklace. I am however not receiving any bonus from the runes. I have used elixers before on my wizard and they work properly.

Need more info…can you post pictures of your build? Elixer should work fine…the only 2 reasons I could see they wouldn’t work is if you’re using Nadroji and trying to get +8 instead of +4, or if you’re using the 7 deadly sins set which doesn’t allow for +set bonus items.

Fixed, thanks for the quick reply I had a seven deadly sins equipped in one of my slots that nulled it from giving a bonus to my other sets. I did not think it would completely cancel it out like that. The more you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the set description does read that it turns All Sets cap to 0.