Elixir "bug"

I used elixir on an amulet (eternal masochist’s fetish) i had 3 elixir before i added one, and after clicking on the amulet, it has now +2 all sets, but it used two of my elixir mythstones… bug? I had to burn my return ms…

There is a crystal that lets you remove a mythstone if it does become mythic.

No. It did not become a mythic. I just inputted an elixir ms on an eternal masochist’s fetish and it used two instead of one.

Mythic affix is only removable via quartz, i think

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So sad, the infinite mythstone bug is still there :joy::joy:

Hmm, maybe the green ones cost double too ? :smirk:

No it’s not haha

It always cost 1 ms per use. :confused:


Even eternal item cost 1 ms/socket
So this issue can caused by 2 thing

  1. Its Bug
  2. Its ur miscalculated ur elixer before u socketing to ur amulet

Quartz will remove everything you have before you remove a mythic affix, so I would reply NO.

I swear that i had three. Converted 2 from time to zenith to be able to have one filler…

So wait the dev to check