Elixir bug?

I have used an elixir and yet there is still another in my stash . A bug ?

You only had one? You’re sure?

But, so you know, I encountered this bug with another mythstone. Got at least 5 to 10 uses out of just a single exp stone.

Over time it fixed itself… I believe after I found multiples.

Enjoy it while it lasts

I noticed this once, but couldn’t make it twice.

same with crystal topaz, but it only happen once to me

same here, with both crystals and myth stones. I can’t remember if it was off or online, maybe both. it seems to be random, and infrequent.

Ended up with 12 elixirs… woe is me lol :cry:


I never had these bugs lmao. I did however have duplicate inventory bug and had I not used crystal stash, I would have lost crystals and mythstones, at least if I forget to use stash 1 to 4. Also I lost my first eternal map and many valuable legends that way and even some crafted pieces to a build.

Thankfully im sure that has been fixed since it never occurred to me since forever now. How did the bug you talk about never affect me.

I always kept eye on crystal and mythstone count but not once it happened where it uses more than one crystal or mythstone , except pets.


lmao, what steps are you using for getting these?

it was just random. wanted to use a crystal or myth stone, and my inventory of that one crystal or myth stone didn’t change. I think it has happened maybe 4 times so far. I remember at least 2 times it was my only crystal/stone, so I was happy about it.

As far as I could tell it only happens (happened) to me when it was the only ms. So yea… joyed I was. But after finding multiples it stopped happening.

I chalked it up as generous devs. Making up for the not so generous eternal pets… hahaha

well, this bug’s limit is that you only need so many. when you hit the ‘done’ button, it usually doesn’t work again, and as you said, when you find more of them, it wont work again either. plus, this bug happens so rarely and infrequently, that it is unreliable to count on it to happen when you would most like/need it to happen.
as for eternal pets, if they were so common, no one would be able to brag about ‘haha, look at the awesome pet I found!’

Problem is most eternal pets aren’t awsome at all… but i have thread discussing this already.

Yea… this bug is odd. But I think we are seeing some similar variables regarding it’s occurrence.