Email add of Gplay and DQ acc not the same

I already read many posts complaining that there acc was banned because of no purchase history.
Many oldies and legit player already banned for not valid reason. I think the system of DQ is the main problem here.
Dont locked or banned my account in DQ forum
Kindly give attention to our complaints.

  1. Purchase via load
  2. Im not good in programming, but kindly review. If someone purchase using another gplay acc at least it will send a message that the purchase made was intended for that acc in DQ with email add. ( for example.
  3. Before we started playing in DQ no information was given that gplay and DQ acc must be the same for some important reason.
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I will try to explain. I have no problem addressing complaints and requests for information. The problem occurs when users who have abused the system don’t like my answers and post really nasty comments after the fact. Your post is polite and respectful and I appreciate that, in turn I will attempt to be the same!

  1. Purchases via load have zero impact on this. Our game doesn’t know if you are purchasing via load, via credit card, pay play, google store credit, or globo-carrier billing. All our system does it communicate with google to request the activation of a purchase. Google handles the actual transaction of removing the money from a users account (this is determined by how the user set up their type of payment in the google play app…again not connected to our game at all). When the transaction is approved, google passes a “completed” message back to our game and the purchase is unlocked. Our game does not know how a user has chosen to pay, this is all between the user and Google Play.

  2. No. The purchasing Google Account is not tied to our game at all. This is why the DQ Account system is different from the Google Play Account. They are not connected at all in the game. There are several reasons why we chose to make our own DQ Account system and only use Google Play to handle the payment portions of the game. One of the many reasons for this is because it allows our players to play across more than just one type of device. Google Play Games services does not function across all of the platforms we support ( like apple and amazon).

  3. Right, and they do not have to be because that is not the intention of our system. Also, sharing purchases across hundreds of different accounts is not the intention of the system either. I simply do not agree that the posting of account information with the intent to distribute free in app purchases to your friends is “ok”. We will continue to ban individuals who take part in this to protect the investment of our actual paying users who have chosen to support us.

Let me repeat that. If you have purchases on your save game you did not pay for or a save game that has been manipulated in any way, then your account can be reviewed and removed at any time.

However, just to be clear we do not ban players who have purchases on their DQ Account made from accounts with different email address. To use your example a player with a Google Play account can make purchases using that email address. If their DQ Account email address is their purchases will still be active on that account and are completely legal.

I hope I was able to address your questions.

Thanks for posting and playing DQ!


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Thank you for your immediate respond.
I’m a legit player here.
But can you give them a second chance? Maybe they made a mistake. They already used real money to support your game. Christmas is fast approaching Sir.