Emerald to beryl not giving crystals, stole my gold

The other night I bought like 6 beryls from emeralds and I didn’t receive them in my inventory

Did you look in your bag? When you have the crystals stored in your stash and you buy new crystals, they appear in your bag, which is slightly confusing at first.

@Dizzy do you the the cs/ms prem stash or are you just using the regular ones

If you’ve purchased premium stashes, it should be there in the Crystal stash. If you haven’t, it should be in bag 1-4.

If you still can’t find it anywhere, contact support, someone will try to help support@shinyboxgames.com

NOTE: By purchasing a Beryl, it means that you might have chance to get a rarer crystal than Beryl!

I just emailed them about it thanks for the reply, don’t have the premium stash but I do not seem it in any of my inventory