If I use emerald to a gear and Max it up to 25 . Do I get higher % of affixes ? Just like 100% frosbiting and 50%weap. Dmg ?

If its maxed on its level… Then yeah

But u have to use crystals to reroll it to perfection… Use diamond for legend and crystal affix then Use fluorite gor epic affixes

max quality and item level will affect the roll you will get at crystals

Yes. When you use enough emeralds to get 25% quality (max quality on legend items) and that your items are level 100 as well, you have a high chance of a near perfect or perfect reroll first time from using ruby, topaz, obsidian etc.

Obviously, there are times when you don’t get perfect rolls first time so you will have to use quite a bit of diamonds to get almost or perfect rolls for crystal affixes like Deadly strike, Crit dmg, Crit chance, Weaken, or legend affixes like frostbiting, explosive , stun resist, etc. For epic affixes, not too much problem as you can use fluroite to get 100% rerolls quick at 25% quality.

50% quality means double affixes on eternals like 100% WD to 200% WD as cap but it takes luck to find perfect eternal rolls. For those fabled weapons and unreal hoods in eternal form, you can add epic affixes onto them after a mythic and I think it’s high chance of 100% roll of things like Weapon damage , elemental damage even though the value is doubled.

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@CuzegSpiked i strongly agree! Well said!

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