Empower and focus is rare?

How to get a empower and focus enchantment on the item?

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Talents on the Chest, Head, Ring, and Neck Items are random. there is a Crystal that you can use to change them.

(from Griffins Smithery: Crystals) Citrine: Citrine will allow you to choose from 2 random different Talents from the one you currently have on your gear from the 6 available for that piece of gear per class this will work on Enernals.

the Talents available for any Item can be seen on your Stat Page.

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Look at this item it has a empower enchantment

ok, now you are getting into the more difficult answers.

off to the left is the Talent that is on the Item. that one needs Citrine to be changed. the Epic Affix +10 Empower can be rolled with Angelite or Topaz, or randomly change a Normal or Epic affix into another Normal or Epic affix with Sapphire. you can only roll Talents of your Class onto your Items. if you use Jasper, the Talents will be changed to the other Classes Talents. Talents of another Class that are on a Pet wont work.

there is also +5 All Skills Myth Stone, and a +5 All Talent Tree (+5 All Elementalist for example).

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