Empyrean and Blight

I have 500% Blight.When i cause an elemental critical .My Blight is 550% or 750%? :sweat_smile:

Hmmm. Empyrean deals seperate damage, and does not actually boosts the damage of any elemental crit. Check it on arena log and it will indicate an “empyrean” damage. Not quite sure though, any can correct if Im wrong.

And I think the “Empyrean” damage is 50% of the elemental attack that caused the elemental crit. Can be boosted with Mythology, I think. Correct me guys if Im wrong,

I think it increases all damage by 50% after causing elemental crit but I am not sure if it’s correct. I did notice the power for dmg go up in the stats page by at least 50% so it must be that good. However, more focus on survival will be needed even though you focus huge emphasis on dmg with empyrean.

Empyrean is a very good option in pve as long as you die very little times. For pvp, you may need a very good build that doesn’t die easily for it to be used and loads more dmg.

put elemental crit

Let’s say your attack does X damage after all modifiers before crit and deadly strike, Emperean will deal another 0.5X as a seperate hit on any attack that causes an elemental crit. This happens even if the enemy is immune to the elemental crit. Stun and Freeze immune will not prevent Emperean from triggering and doing damage.