I’ve been seeing quite a bit of fuss over emulators for Dungeon Quest.
Specifically for iPhone.
So, in an attempt to resolve some people’s searches, I went and found the best options I could.
Android: http://www.bluestacks.com
Just download and go.
iOs: http://www.uvnc.com
This is a bit more complicated (imagine that, it’s iOs).
Note that your router must be wireless to use this. Select “Downloads” at the top of the page, and click “UltraVNC”. Once downloaded and any additional instructions on the page/download are followed, it should be functional. I’ve not been able to test this since I do not own any Apple products.

I’d you are interested in using a controller for DQ, refer to this topic:

Enjoy. :wink:

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Not that I am interested in using an emulator but aren’t they notorious for being quite laggy? I played brave frontier a long time ago one blue stacks and it was pretty terrible. Brave frontier doesn’t even have anything like the zombie issue so I can’t imagine playing DQ on it.

Genymotion is a bit better than bluestacks, in my opinion, but it is a little more difficult to set up.

Honestly, I don’t play the game enough to test, but I guess I’ll have to. I pretty much went by popularity and a one-time trial. I’m just annoyed with the amount of topics being created that are basically duplicates.

I think emulators will just encourage people to bot even though the maps are randomly created. Even if you only run a small portion of it before hitting a wall and getting stuck, you will be profiting doing it infinite times while you’re sleeping or at work.

Blinkstrike and things that teleport to the enemy will be easy mode for botters.

Just a slight correction, there is only one emulator listed in this thread and that is blue stacks. uvnc is NOT an emulator, only a remote desktop software.

I don’t think that affects too much, though, does it?
Frankly, I don’t know, haha. Not my thing.

UVNC lets you see and control whats happening on another machine. The work is still being done on that other machine though; it just sends you the screen. I guess you can set up a VNC server on your iphone to let you do that? I dunno.

Bluestacks actually runs Android on your PC, since it’s an actual emulator.

That’s the problem with iOs from what I saw. That’s the closest thing to an emulator for it that I found.

If you are using an emulator like bluestacks and droid4x which have a key mapping feature, and want to use a controller, you can use xpadder. i will not include a link to xpadder as it is not free software, though.

@Skaul i’ve been try few emulators for iOS, as far as i know, even the best one they say can’t really avoid laggy. It stutter like hell, some of them even can’t run the games, so i guess, better use of the smartphone itself and buy a controller which available now.