Enchanting bug

I just installed the update today, everytime I go to reroll the stats on my gear it takes my money and nothing changes. Not the item level or the percentages. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

What floor are you on?

The first one

I turned the dificulty up to 5 and decided to see what I could get if I grinded out the first level over and over. After I got the best gear I could find and reached level ten I was gonna reroll stats because they were both item level 1. But its not working and I dont want to have to throw away those stats just because the damage blows

Ah okay, so if you’re only on the first floor, there will only be the lowest rolled items in the game, and reroll wont do anything ( We should disable rerolling for first floor )

Reroll rolls the item to within 75-100% of the highest floor achieved. So, lets say you’ve gotten to floor 20, and you have a ilvl 10 item you want to reroll, it will result in a ilvl 15-20 item, with randomized numbers on the affixes.

Hope that clears that up! Any more questions on enchants or rerolling feel free to ask.

Yeah that certainly clears things up, although I feel reroll should be directly based on your characters level.

If reroll is just based on the floor level then I dont have much incentive to spend a lot of time on this game. Before I would find the perfect weapon with the perfect stats for the elemental zone im in then just reroll for the increased damage and stats every ten level ups or so. I like spending the extra time money and effort to make sure im extremely over powered and shouldn’t have a problem on the bosses or transitioning into the next zone.

The reason why reroll is based on highest floor is:

[ul][]You can never get items higher than the content you’ve unlocked[/]
[]The level curve is set that most players usually end up around level 50 by the time they reach floor 100. If we used player level in that scenario, reroll would drop the item level down to 50.[/][/ul]

There’s also incentive built into the design of elemental damage that encourages you to find the best weapon that is strongest against the current element type of the Act you’re on, which hopefully keeps you with at least 4 choice weapons, instead of just one uber weapon.

Act 1 - Poison : Shock Weapons do 1.5x damage
Act 2 - Shock : Poison Weapons do 1.5x damage
Act 3 - Ice : Fire Weapons do 1.5x damage
Act 4 - Fire : Ice Weapons do 1.5x damage

There’s definitely more we can do to add investment to items, and our next patch after Warrior ( coming extremely soon ) will feature 4 more item slots that you’ll get to fill, enchant, and reroll… all of which will help your uber-ness. :smile:

I see what your saying and that all looks good on paper but I find myself running from exit to exit without actaully playing the levels just to advance myself. After going as far as I can I then go back to act one floor one on the highest difficulty so I can find the best weapon stats then reroll them to the highest level I can (also thats the most cost efficient way, I spend maybe 1000 gold for items that would usually cost me 16000 to reroll) then I go back to complete all my challenges. But I simply not having as much fun as I used too. But on that note this game is amazing and with the exception of what we’ve been talking about and a few really minor bugs this game is just exceptional. I really cant wait for the new items and classes and ill be one of the first to play it all through again.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying, and we’re considering re-doing the reroll/enchanting prices formula to address that. It’d suck for people using that method already to get the best weapons… but we really want players pushing themselves on difficulty / floor and getting the best possible weapons from that… not from going back to floor one with high Luck and farming a perfect epic and rerolling/enchanting it on the cheap.

It may be a lil harsh, but we’re also considering a Luck / GF penalty for playing below your highest floor progress. With the last patch we did give better ways for players to tweak challenge/reward to get better drops and tailor gamplay, but that all goes out the window when they are farming floor 1 for loot.

I agree 100 percent! There should definetly be a penalty, but thats my prolem. I started a new game with the update and played on max difficulty, I was on floor five and before I played the boss I was already lvl 15, I was getting great weapons but because of the new system my weapon had great stats but it still didnt work well because it was a low level. You ever try to kill the first boss on max difficulty with lvl 5 epics? It took 32 minutes and tons of mana potions lol

We may change it so that it’s either highest level or highest floor, whichever is higher. Usually you’ll start matching your highest floor and player level around the 20’s, so there really isn’t much harm in making it work like that. It will come at a price though :stuck_out_tongue:.

Also 32m fight is way too long, lol… might have to find alternative ways to make those fights more challenging at higher Enemy Power levels.

Yeah it was insane, maybe weapons that are only available on max level difficulty or a separate elite dungeon or something

That’s a pretty good idea, tacking on a “+1 Item Level Drop” to each Enemy Power level would be an interesting change. Challenge/Quest Maps are coming in one of the next patches, that would be a great place for “+1 Item Level Drop” affix as well.

Yeah that sounds cool, I wold like to go through a zone and get gear strong enough to do the next difficulty level. Then go through the next difficulty level to get stronger gear for the next level, so on and so forth. Kind of like you need to do this level on normal so you can get gear to do it on hard, so you can get gear to do legendary. And the gear you get from legendary is just insanely awesome or something.

Well the very next step we’re taking with preparing / investing in your character will be to add 4 new item slots, which when filled out, will be increasing your character’s power significantly. The game will be going through as balance shift as that happens, but the idea is that if you have up to date rares / epics / legends in most your slots, you should be very prepared for the content you’re facing.

The additional slots will not only provide more stats / defenses, but also have baked in attributes/passives/auras/talents to improve your power, and customize the way you play more.

It will be a fun patch :smile:

Omg now im stoked, really the only thing missing from this game is depth and maybe a story line. But you pretty much have the depth part covered it would seem lol. I cant wait for the full version!

Oh and the skill changes…I cannot WAIT for the skill changes!!
:smiling_imp: Meteor Death from Above! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAH