Energy + Discordance will work?

Guys im planning to make my own build but the problem is i run out of mana every time i cast. The title i spoke of, will it work?

It will not work.

Both resource systems right? :pensive:

It won’t work because you cannot have two resource systems. Discordance and Energy are resource mythics and you can only have one or the other. Otherwise this game would be severely broken!

Since head mythics aren’t resource mythics though and mainly about MP or HP and support, they go great with resource systems.

For example: Discordance+ Desperation , Equivalence+Harmony, Energy+ Serenity (not recommended combo but it’s one of the mythic pairings that exist).

Oh, that equivalence+harmony . Many build uses it before

Yeah. It’s extremely awesome. Equivalence only really works if the HP and MP doesn’t drop and that 50% Damage reduction (60% is wrong in dictionary) will be there.

Ill try that desperation+discordance build. Thanks idol :+1:.

That energy+serenity hmmm. It will counter flow :innocent:

Also Harmony + Fury go well together, particularly in PvP for major healing power :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ll try that in my upcoming build

Harmony and energy could work. I mean energy does go up. I haven’t really tried it though but I don’t know if it can work. I guess it could because if MP on hit works on energy, harmony could work too. But I don’t think the 30% energy gain per second would give you that much would it in harmony or at all.

Ya it does work with energy too but the regen is so gradual that it wouldn’t do you much good in PvP but maybe PvE

You sure? The energy regen is 30% per 1 second. Energy buffs MP by 10× so 1000 MP turns into 10k MP and it regen 25% of that 30% per second. But now that I think about it, 1500 HP per second isn’t all that good. For PvE, most likely quite good.
May work with the HP Regen combined on gear.

Fury definitely could work too with harmony for good HP gain through harmony . Still it probably wouldn’t be that much. Unless you have 3000 MP on PvP which is 30k if you use Fury and Energy , a good amount of hp gained I guess. Well if it works that way with harmony but people’s DPS would easily surpass it.

It works on me. :innocent:

Yeah that’s what it came down to. There’s a delicate balance between enough defense to get by while still dealing deadly damage to the opponent in PvP as we know :smile: