Energy/fury + harmony


How does it stack?


Harmony gives 25% of your HP Heal as MP Heal, and 25% of MP Heal as HP Heal.

just did a search on Harmony, and Harmony can work with Fury & Energy, but has better results with Campaign Builds and not so good results with PVP Builds, and found a few posts that can give you some better ideas than using Harmony with Fury or Energy.

only one Resource Mythic on any Build. if you have both Fury and Energy, only one will work.


And can harmony work with bloodmagic (it would increase all healing by 33%)

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just did a search, and the consensus is that Harmony doesn’t work with Blood Magic. basically BM is HP only Resource, so without any MP, no way for Harmony to give any extra heal for the HP. better to use another way to heal.

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Harmony+Permafrost (with Bonus) try this.


Start with harmony and permafrost bonus .:heart_eyes: I add bloodmagic but it maybe bad science. Start with the first two and play .

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Blood Magic would just convert the MP Regen to HP Regen from Permafrost Bonus, which is why I think Harmony doesn’t work with BM. Zero MP means 0% bonus HP to heal HP for Blood Magic. and the 25% MP you get from any HP Heal has nowhere to go, there is no MP Resource for it to go to, you only have HP Resource.

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