Enhancement to perfectly roll crystal affix

Hi Devs,
As a player with OCD, I want to have perfectly rolled crystal affixes.

Can you add one more function for Obsidians to perfectly roll an existing crystal affix please (targeting the crystal affix only; prob when using diamonds is, all affix are getting rolled)? I’m dying mentally seeing imperfect rolls. :cry: I believe this will not break the game. I can surrender two or three obsidians just to perfectly roll it. PLEASE!

Include it on your next sprint please! Thank you! :innocent:

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You can reroll them with diamond crystal.

Hmm. Yeah, my request is short of description. Lemme edit.

it will be a game changer once a perfect roll item will implemented

So there will be an item that will perfectly roll stats? :]

yup first trick level up the item to 100 use Peridot next the item quality max it 25% Max use Emerald then the magic will work and it will only depend now on how lucky you are but most of the time when the item max level and quality it always have a perfect roll :wink:


Actually, this is the problem. I’m not lucky enough to get perfectly rolled crystal affix even if quality and level is maxed out. I perfectly roll my item’s +ED% (or other important affix) and then putting the crystal affix breaks it all :sweat_smile:

Now that you’ve mentioned it, one way to perfect roll the affix is to guarantee the result if level and quality is maxed for the item. :+1: this is one work around for solutioning the suggested enhancement

max item quality first of an item b4 applying obsi for higher chance of getting perfect stat.

or reroll it using diamond without other affixes being put yet to avoid rerolling other affixes

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What i do.

  1. Hunt desired item, e.g. ragnarok.
  2. Max lvl and quality.
  3. Delete all other affixes except desired (defiant, wd)
  4. Reroll red affix till max amount.
  5. Add obsi.
    5.1. If perfect obsi, add other red affixes. Delete added red if not perfect.
    5.2. If imperfect obsi, salvage.

No complaints with current rolling.
This is a grind game, so go hunting. :kissing_heart:

additional but not sure about this theory try to go to your highest floor then do the crafting on that floor you a chance of luck :smile:

You’re so hardcore haha I’m not that rich yet hehe

Interesting stuff. Will try it :+1:

good luck at crytal convertion perfect roll with be with you :slight_smile: