Enough for now?


Pretty much. And you can consider my damage prevention as well :grin:


Immortal? hehehe


Yeah totally.


@luisfsk @CuzegSpiked Hell, nah. Well, it had a small concept out of it but it’s a big NO for real. Those “frustrating builds” y’all call immo’s cannot reach 660 Pow :slight_smile: and I’m not a Skullshield user :laughing:


As you can see, this is my normal POW. Completey synergized immo’s can’t have that unless they will sacrifice a bit of their defense which will be the downfall of the build :slight_smile:


You’re not using any eternal on your build?


More than common Immortal builds.


I have one :slight_smile: Divination for amulet :smile:


Kinda, but it’s different tho.


I can achieved 600 or more Power if I use that amulet. :grin:

If by any chance I get a perfect rolled Eternal Divination my Power can go up to 700+.


im going to try rockblast on my Chimera build characters as well as cosmi orb