Enslaver farm and nadroji ring+amuletamulet farm

What floor between 101-199 for easy farm for enslaver?and nadroji ring+amulet?help me thanks :slight_smile:

101-105 and 200…

Enslaver dont always appear maybe u need to clear a few maps before finding one but the lowest floor would be great farming as long as it is up to its requirement on where to obtain it.

I farm for enslaver at floor 200++ its rare,and not found nadroji ring or amulet just got the leather and head,ty for info ill try from 101-199

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I found nadroji ring on floor 101,…
If you have hunter perk or mythic, try looking for shrines, enslaver, and another epic enemies. After that select floor 101 again, repeat…

Yeah i use hunter perk,already spawn so many epic from shrines but no drop of what i want sad :frowning:

Maybe your luck is bad…

It can be :smile:

Hej guys!

Sorry for “hijacking” this thread, but I have 199/200 Enslavers killed…
Where is the best place to do the “final kill” on what difficulty?

High floors and you’ll get high level pet,.
Also use your eternalized (6)

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Daamn maan…
That one’s what I’m looking for all the time…
And you found it…
Im so jealous :slight_smile:

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Why? He isn´t eternal :)?

And I don´t get, if satyr´s set is really so good?

Simba is my favorite pve pet,hoard skill is very useful,and satyr’s spirit also give me enough mp.Yeah,my unique build needs about 50k mp :blush:


I gonna make a “walking freeze” wizard, who freeze all enemys and the hireling should kill all the enemys…

I hope, Simba does a good job for that build :slight_smile:

I’m looking simba for my farming build,…
Even not eternal but satyr’s spirit is very useful for mana shield…

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What class did you use to get this…??

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Here you´ll find my stuff :slight_smile:

Main = https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6tzltMx1OAZZFJMTklDNHBFMGc

Hireling = https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6tzltMx1OAZLXotOTBsNlVuRzA

And as you can see, i´m an absoulute beginner…

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@Mandelbrot y not just use energy mythic? Its about 57k mp when i have energy mythic with no +mp affixes …

I use alchemy.