Epic affix


Is there’s a epic affix luck on wizards item?
Why i cant get one.


Steigers Fortune is lootable for all classes and always has an epic luck affix… though im not sure why you cant just roll or reroll any existing affix to luck…


Oh. So im just so unlucky lol! Thanks mate


maybe your item bro has crystal affix luck


if you have any tier of an affix on your gear that is in another tier, you can’t have both on the same gear. for example, if you have normal (yellow) luck on your gear, you will not get epic (orange) or crystal (cyan) luck on the same gear.
the only way to have 2 of the same affix on one gear is to have the affix you want, and then put in a Myth stone that has the same affix.
on the other hand, it could be RNG just want to drive you crazy. :disappointed: