Epic maps exp affixes


Hi guys. I just did my 5th ascension, and managed to knock out 80 levels fairly quickly using only epic maps.

I noticed that the exp can vary wildly on epic maps, and though i havent figured out why, im assuming its tied directly to the affixes on the map.

Most importantly, for fast leveling, i rerolled each epic map to always have packsize 125+% , but im wondering if anyone can confirm that certain affixes lead to higher map exp?

So far ive noticed a trend with a few affixes leading to generally far higher map exp. These include leech nerf, potion nerf, tnt props, and enemy immune.


150% pack size and 2+ Enemy Affix and make sure enemy says “Experienced” . Unless your device cannot handle 150% pack size (mine can handle it but the lag is there) .

For item drops, the gracious on enemies for 200% item drops .

150% pack size, a chance to make sure enemies spawn more than usual even at a certain pack size at floor 200 (above floor 200, enemies spawn less for floor climbing reasons). Epic maps to help and cartographers end up giving much more exp when killed (the 1000% luck on map refers to cartographers when defeated giving higher luck and 1000% exp means cartographers give 10× more exp).

Also packsize + magic enemies. Sometimes even rare enemies and epic enemies. Cool to notice that trend since it never occurred to me .


Nice. Good to know. Yea i aim for as close to 150% as i can get, but anything over 125 i will take.

I play on an nvidia shield, so it can easily handle the game and all it can throw at it. I can just imagine what would happen on a low end device


Yeah Nvidia shield is the highest quality mobile gaming device despite its age. It’s like the gaming pc equivalent of a tablet. If more came out from Nvidia or AMD and other such companies, that would be awesome though. Nvidia shield is awesome for sure and I kinda wish I had one.


Neve got 100+% pack size. Only got 90+ in rerolling. @@