Epiphany and ascension

Hi Guys. I would like to ask if where I can find or how can I use epiphany for my set? Another question is this the computation for dealer perk , (rare amulet 600 gold + 1000× is = to 6000 gold?) Thanks in advance…

If you mean where you can find epiphany the answer is floor 600+, and epic difficulty at least i think. Dealer perk increases value of items by x10 so yes, 600 before is 6000 after.

Thank you for the reply and how about epiphany items. Floor 600 epic or higher right? So it means that if I will play mythic 1 for 600+ floors the xhance will be much higher?

Yes, higher difficulty gives more legendary. You should also play with wizard our have wizard hiring becouse it’s wizard exclusive and you can have problem getting it with other classes.

Problem is I don’t have credit card to purchase another character. I’ve been playing DG for 3 months now and I’m so lucky that I got the chance to step up to eternal league and now it’s my fourth ascension. However it’s really hard for me to finish floor 400+ mythic 3 co’z my rogue is too squishy but the damage output for poisoning enemies is ok. Gonna ask my friends if I can borrow their credit card so I can purchase 2 slots. Gonna play now for mythic 1 until I reach floor 600+. :grin: