Epiphany working as intended?

is epiphany not affected by +set affixes bonus? i have a total of +6 all set affixes, +4 is the cap but i have epiphany set so that should atleast give me a +1 more making it +5.

Epiphany does not affect all sets the cap is always 4 no matter what that’s all :smile:

it says “all stat cap +25” and all set cap is a stat.

It is 1 of the stats that epiphany doesn’t apply too because it would change player priorities drastically hope that explains the weirdness :+1:

then it needs a better and clearer description as to seven deadly sins

Agreed it’ll have too be added into the description in a future patch :sweat:

@Griffin012 I just want to clear things if its ok? I have a momentum and an ms of 60%+ with 6 multi attack . My damage is 345m plus and my char is a warrior. The question is, if i already maxed out the cap, why does it keep adding damage if there was a cap? Or is it just a bug? Btw, i removed the 2 multi attack to make it 4 multi attack and maintained the 60% ms cap just to see if theres a difference in damage. And yes there was a huge difference. I think the ms and multi attack stacks? Or i maybe wrong. Hope someone answers. Tia

@dos about momentum bonus dmg cap is at 100%

players ms cap is 50%(w/o ephipany)then addtional ms boost from skill or ms stat affix should still inc ur dmg.

Ok. Thanks for answering my question @roykiyoy. You’re a filipino right?

@dos yess :smiley:

Mabuhay! Haha. I thought i was the only filipino here hehe. For almost 2 months ive ascended 3x. Now im on my fourth ascencion haha. Ill go for the luck perk!

Hello everyone!

I’m new to the forums,but I’m an skilled at the game itself.So I will be helping all of you.I’m going to reply even if the answer is given,to ensure that everyone understood.

To answer the question,Epiphany set affix increases “all” stat caps by 5% per rank.This is what’s written when you check the gear itself.But in the dictionary it says this :

So,Epiphany cannot increase the stat cap of +All Sets.But it can increase any other stat caps.