Error? bug? about Berserker and Masochism

I think Berserker and Masochism doesn’t work
I tried to make New Build and I knew both of them doesn’t work properly.
Dictionary says that Masochism increases DMG by 7.5% per rank while below 75% Health. But it doesn’t.
And Berserker gives chance to stun as much as ATK SPD. But it doesen’t

Berserker affects by your attack speed… Attack Speed = Stun %

Masochism better when your HP is Millions. Masochism takes 50% of HP.

I knew that.
I already met requirements.

But that 2 sets doesnt give you descent dmg :smile::smile::smile:

The only important affixes on them are Barbarian and Push the Limit other than nothing.

Masochism on PvE isn’t that bad. In PvP , not really recommended.

In PvE, it’s great with thing like bloodmagic and stuff even with low HP dodge one hit build in high floor.

Although thing have changed since you can get higher damage reduction and survive with a decent amount of HP while doing damage to map enemies on some floors but if we go super high floor, then it’s still good but you shouldn’t be one hit anyways and sanctuary to back you up.