Eternal again wooott2!

Pretty good considering that my build isnt even half finished yet hihihih


Congratulations!!! :sunglasses::muscle:


Thank you thank you sir scoot!! Followed ur advice to change my element to shock hihih went pretty well


Hey that’s pretty good

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Lol omg. I’m still stuck in div. 1 top 1%

I swear, every time I get to a specific rating it faces me off with the exact same guys that beat me previously, preventing me to ascend to eternal. :confused:


So far by what I’ve managed to keep track of… I’ve gone against immortal LIN.LIN FOURTEEN TIMES. Always at 1% of mythic league.

Is this some kinda sick, life wrenching stuupit joke bruh?! :disappointed_relieved:
For realsies yo the match making can’t be that “fixed” can it?!

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That means ur build is still not enough for eternal league try to tweek it up hehee same thing happened to me before but i learned my lesson.

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Grats man :fieriparrot:

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Haha me at eternal div 5 hahaha, then suddenly no connection, hahaha

Congrats bro

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God… cant even reach the top 10 in mythic league… lol

Good luck on ur road to eternal sir! :blush::blush::blush:

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can i see ur set ?

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Man… it is real hard staying in eternal div… lol

I just wnt some back item

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Its not even worth seeing lmao hahaha there are still missing affixes on it, that i havent placed yet.