Eternal chakram with the highest dps

what is the best eternal chakram for the highest dps? i have a obsidian blade and it’s around 460k dps. Anyone know a chakram that has 1 slot and has around 500k+ dps? thanks

Is this what u r looking for?

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Or this ?

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thanks guys for the post. thanks for confirming that these two are the greatest dps. will go for the sudarshana maybe haha. btw @NORD nice collection :smile:

i just wonder about the multi atk of chakram why it did not make 5 chakram each throw haha

bonus gets added to the dmg. simply because rogue only has 2 chakram on hand and having 5 fly by won’t justify the count (just my own opinion)

but it will be better if it will go to 5 haha just my opinion :blush: