Eternal Division 1 (Just Sayin')


What’s the point of hiking league points when you are automatically banned when hiking on eternal division1. Players now become more desperate of playing DQ because of this false reporting thing and now its getting worse and worse.
Eternal Div.1 is now a Ghost town and i dont think more players will go through top 1-10 because of fear getting banned with their legit builds, Even it is a legend gear or what.
How can the game more exploiting or thrilling if there’s no more player has the strongest build?
Well you’d better question yourselves about that…


Fear of wat? If you know to urself that you are a real legit player wats wrong? go go go get the crown and make top :innocent: .
But if you r afraid just stay calm, relax and just enjoy pvp werever u are :wink:


That is just not true, i can go there where ever i whant, i realy think that you acount whaz banned becouse no one in eternal division can fight you tekomax, exept some players like me, scooty,cruzed,gameover,luissfk,alastra,zaraky,bekkor, and some more players you know, since i play this game i remember you playing to, i see you eternal league all the time since season 2, season 1 on i get to eternal league in the end of it so dont count, i realy think that you and alot player are legit, what hapend is that you build whaz realy overpowerd and and just some players have a real shot against you and that make noobs spam that you hare a haker, some times i get sad that the players not take strong guys as a challenge and just point fingers and scream “BANN THIS GUYS, IS A HACKER, I CANT BEAT HEM SOOO… IS A HACKER”, thipical noobs, by the way div1 i full of Olympian builds right know and they are easy to kill whid 4 builds that i have but i dont realy care about n°1 on league, i get that place for long time in season 2 and 3 so, like any game , it gets boring wining all the time so, you and some guys dont realy deserve to get banned but some times luck is someting that whe cannot realy aford some times…


Its actually fun to see tougher enemies rain down skills on you while you dodge and run to read their timing and then bring back a blast of damage little by little :parrot:

Maybe typical players who think theyre so much better with their build than others. But thb just spamming skills to kill on Pvp without timing their attacks. :parrotdad: