Eternal fabled staff help please


I got an eternal fabled staff if i add 4 sockets to get it a mythic skill, will i be able to add other affixes to it with crystals? I know usually on eternal items you can’t use 90% of the crystals on them. This seems like a rare item that poasibly may be good i don’t want to mess it up please help me thanks


Follow my link below for little more information. After you craft the mythic you want, you get to apply 3 topaz. You usually get trolled on affixes but it’s a fun gear. After the 3 topaz, yoh can apply Crystal Beryl for nature and Crystal Calcite for the element you want. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


that is my thread i think :joy:


Yep. Easier to share than recreate an old post. :sunglasses:


i hope that my threads help more players that is why i create them.


It helped thanks :grinning::+1: