Eternal item with affixes maxed

Hi! I’m new here. I’ve found a lot of interesting advices in this forum and finally got the desire to ask for an answer to a personal question of mine.

Is it possible to get an eternal legend item with its affixes maxed out? I know it is possible to get an eternal legend item with a crystal affix. What I don’t know is if you can loot an eternal legend item having its affixes maxed out.

The reason I’m asking this is because my friend showed me his item set. I saw one of his items to be an eternal legend item with a crystal affix, and all of the affixes of said item seems to be maxed out. I know you can’t roll eternal legend items. Did he possibly acquire it from farming?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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modified eternal item :smiley: kindly review his item in the codex if the legend and epic affixes are they same in the codex description.

It was the same. Although it has a crystal affix, it was a possible outcome. The only thing fishy is the maxed out affixes since you can’t roll an eternal legend item.

You can get maxed out affixes on eternals but to get every single affix (legend , crystal affix and epic) maxed out takes extreme luck or modified item as you can’t roll on eternals.

The fabled legends you can technically get perfect rolls on if you manage to get 100% mythology as a lucky drop and the epic affixes are what you want and using a mythic you chose. It’s a very powerful eternal of course.

@CuzegSpiked What do you mean by “eternal affixes”?

I’m saying that his item has the same set of affixes as it was listed in the codex. The only difference is it has a crystal affix, and that all of its affixes seem to be rolled to the max. I’m wondering if this was possible to be acquired via loot.

Oops. What I meant is that an eternal with every affix maxed out is extremely rare or almost impossible so more than likely, a person could have just used some program to do that with ease. Sure you can have one or two perfect affixes on an eternal but to get all 6 affixes 100% perfect seems impossible.

However, an eternal such as fabled legends with 4 slots, you can get every affix on it perfect roll because of 50% quality but the 100% mythology you’d have to be lucky for.

yes, crystal affix can be possible on an eternal item. while perfectly maxxed out affix on eternal can only occur on pets. having these two would be somehow impossible.

or you could just check the legendex to see if the stats are legit

Thank you very much for all the information. You’ve been of much help. Thanks guys. :grin: