Eternal leaderboards question

is there an actual way for members of the top 100 eternal to lookup their respective win loss rates, without becoming a member of the top 3? if not, i feel like the next update should implement something that at least allows us to check our own rates. being able to look at the actual league point leaderboard would be cool as well, i know the top guy has over 66k+ but it would be interesting to see where the rest of us stack up.

Once you enter Eternal League you can see all 100 player’s rating but you wont be able to view their gear (only if you fight them)

not gear, was wondering if there was a way to check the win/loss record of every top 100 player. since we have the ability to check the top 3’s win/loss at any time, so its clearly possible for them to code in a way for us to see the rest of the top 100’s win/loss record, including our own way to see our own win/loss record. unless theyve already implemented a way and i just havent figured it out yet.