Eternal legend socket question

Are able to remove and add sockets on eternal legend pieces? I stupidly put a +25% hp mythstone on an eternal ring that I’d like to switch out, and I’ve noticed you can’t use most crystals on eternal pieces so I don’t want to end up removing a socket and then not being able to add it again.

You cant remove sockets man with kyanite on eternal items and I dont think you can eject a mythstone with garnet crystal on an eternal item. Eternals are crap most of the time. The only good eternals that Id find reliable are mythic eternals such as unreal hood and fabled staff. Also rare legends such as nadroji, catacylsm, pandemonium, defiant, etc. You still have to be very careful. You can add epic affixes or legend affixes on eternal items but you cannot remove affixes. You can change the elemt as you probably already knew. Still, Eternal items arr a gamble, they are either really good or they are plain terrible.

You can use garnet to take out your stock mythstone that you use and then you can replace it with a diff one. Garnet works on eternal if you had a socket and added a mythstone.

Thank you that answered my question I think. I knew you couldn’t use kyanite on them. I basically just wanted to remove the current mythstone I had on it with zircon or garnet (can’t remember which one) and then add a new socket so that I can put a different mythstone on it. I hope this works as I don’t want to screw up the eternal item.

NP :slight_smile:you can use (calcite,beryl,citrine if the item have a talent already,garnet) if you get an eternal unreal hood or fabled blade… Etc you can use 4 mythstone to get a mythic affix and use topaz to get your 3 or so affix and I think you can use zircon to add sockets.