Eternal map conveting?

Since i could push the level of that map i ask myself : is there any advantage? I mean i dont earn higher chances or some other benefits right? The monsters will just gain hp and dmg imo. Am i wrong?

No one?

Some legends can only drop on higher floors. Simply speaking, Floors 351 and above unlocks all droppable legends.

There’s slightly more gold too

Is it possible to get crystal maps with crystallized set?

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There are no such things.

Guaranteed ilvl of 100 at floor 500 and up.

Due to rounding, I think it is 520+ as I still get lv99 items at 502.

1.7/1.8.0 bugs where legends can drop as Crystal legends with no Crystal Affixes. I wish I was one pf the lucky ones to get that Crystal pet… Cyan pets look so much nicer. XD but green pet = best pet!