Eternal Map - cool

Just had my first eternal map drop off of completing the 25 maps feat. Cool beans. Is there anything in particular I should save this bad boy for? I’m close to completing my 3rd ascension so I will wait until I have both treasured and eternal in place. Other than that, load up the farming gear and cross my fingers?

I’d keep it because I’m a hoarder.

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Gotta use it sometime :smile:

Convert it from 350-750 floors if you want some good item drops

Hadn’t thought of that. It’s EP7 difficulty because I kill much faster than EP8 with my current gear and it is flloor 200. I guess I will convert it to floor 500 or so when I am ready to tackle it.

That’s awesome. No exaggeration, I estimate that I’ve completed that 25 maps feat maybe 150 times, and I’ve never gotten an eternal map, ever. There are like 6 items left on my “never dropped” list, and an eternal challenge map is one of them. They’re rare, still waiting.

I would definitely convert it up to a higher floor (500+ is probably good enough) whenever you decide to use it. Better crystal drops, better mythstone drops, and better gear drops. Using it on any lower floor would be a waste.

Thanks for the advice Benzonia, I will definitely wait until the best time to use the map. Hopefully you get one dropped for you soon. Ironically, I am kind of at the early stages of creating my farming set. Right now, I’m just grinding through my 3rd Ascension and accumulating CS/MS. My GF is roughly 600% but my item drops are only at about 90 and luck is around 300ish. I get the lucky map drop but people who are miles ahead in terms of farming set are still waiting. All hail RNG lol.

Congratulations on your first eternal map drop. RNG has blessed you!