Eternal map


I found a eternal map!




Cant imagine the drops :3


I think it also has a 1 out of 100 legend map to be eternal, like other legend. Nice and congrats hahaha


I got a legend pet from it


When you get eternalized as a set bonus then any legend map drop can be eternal map. You may , like me, get 2 in an hour and then none for weeks


Yeah. But even I dont have that set, I get one eternal map on all of my lifetime. It happens when I am not joining pvp yet.


I love to save my eternal maps for when I have 149 of 150 Enslaver kills. Load up on the Eternalized set, open an eternal map and pray! Then I realize my legendary pets are still better than the eternal pets. Oh well, they are still fun to collect.


Gonna save these precious maps for the future of DQ. LOL. :smiley:


got my fourth Eternal map not too long ago, and am saving it for a rainy day. my first 2, I used them like a Legend map, and the third one I used to get better rolls when converting Legend + items to Crystals.


I keep getting eternal maps just got my 4th one, i got 2 of them in a row.


Lol just got another


Hi :smile: